UKenya is a peer to peer crowdfunding platform for small social enterprises and start-ups that cannot access funding from mainstream lending institutions in Kenya. Kenyans are synonymous with a self-help tradition where people pull resources together for social causes or development activities dubbed as ‘harambee’. Our mission is to invoke the spirit of self-help culture amongst Kenyans on the internet.

Kenyan start-ups and SMEs remain underfunded by mainstream financial service sector due to lack of capacity and expensive funding to service. We exist to create a seamless peer to peer self-help funding platform through a digitized and well-coordinated harambee process for start-ups and SMEs to support social changemakers focused on responsible social enterprises best positioned to deliver long-term economic performance and creation of sustainable employment opportunities to expand Kenya’s job market and economy for the benefit of the unemployed youth and poor rural and urban communities. We invite everyone to join us in this course, in whatever ways to propel Kenya to the next level.

Like any other African country, Kenya requires capital to develop the vast resources and make use of the high available human capital resource. We believe that solutions to Africa’s problems lie with Africans only if they can get the support they require in terms of capital to make use of own resources to create wealth. We have created UKenya platform for people who would like to impact Kenya’s youth positively to support by funding them through contributions so that they can establish enterprises in a well-coordinated effort by Goblis Group Foundation. This will create employment opportunities for unemployed youth, create wealth for our country and fund government through taxes to improve infrastructure and general social services.