We are launching UKenya Website!

We are launching UKenya Website!

When people think of Africa, images of famine, poverty, sickness, and war are embedded in their in majority minds. Diseases, tribalism, dictatorship and conflict are the definitive terms that remain in thoughts. As African Populace, we don’t realize how these concepts have become part of our lives and often using colonial history, literature, and the news as justification.

Africa is not short of intellects to put Africa into the right place, and more so, Africa doesn’t need help but solutions to itself; solutions to Africa’s problems lie with Africans. It’s against this background we have come up with a forum where we can engage in sustainable platform to solve African poverty problems. We want to change the narrative by looking for resource to create wealth and employment and recoup back principle investments back to the owners.

UKenya website is a Fintech platform founded and will be run by Goblis Group Foundation, a registered charitable company in Kenya which is passionate to contribute to the success and the development of Africa through creation of wealth and employment opportunities for rural communities.

In this regard, Goblis Group Foundation is focused on responsible social entrepreneurship best positioned to deliver long-term financial performance and creation of sustainable employment opportunities. We endeavour to create opportunities to poor rural communities through the creation of wealth and employment by use of locally available resources.

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